The Rhythm and Tones of Music

What is music? Music is made up of sounds with harmony, pitch, and melody. Furthermore, there are tones, timber, and rhythms. Each piece can be as unique as the next and it’s interesting to see how music can be created. Music has absolutely shaped the way of the world and it’s something which constantly bemuses. However, what you might not be aware of is how the tone of the music can impact the sounds heard. So, why is this so important and how does music change through different styles and eras?

The Different Genres of Music

What you might not realize is that the tones and rhythms in music can be completely different in each genre or style. For instance, the tone from jazz or swing can be a completely different tempo from say pop or even rock and it’s utterly fantastic. The way in which music changes is strange but intriguing and it can offer a unique way to alter the sounds you hear also. Everything about the music changes from its pitch to harmony and much more. It’s really fantastic and it’s one reason why so many people don’t understand the different tones and rhythms of music.

Changes with Time Periods

Music is different with every time period or era. It’s the same with the culture of each region or country. For example, the rhythm of music has changed from the era of the sixties to the time of the eighties and the genre of music there. The styles are completely different and the tones of the music are also the same. Music does change with each period; as in the sixties, the type of rhythms were quite fast paced but when the eighties rolled around, the music was faster paced, rhythms and tones quicker in pace. Today even, the rhythm is different and it’s interesting to say the least.

The Performance Changes the Rhythms

What you do have to understand is that tones of music can change through the performance of the piece. For example, when a piece of music is played through instruments it can sound very differently or rather its rhythm and tone can change than when it’s sung. The reason as to why is down to the fact that every instrument can change the way the song or piece of music sounds. The tone changes and depending on which the music is played, the rhythm can change as well. More explained in this post:

The Styling of Music

The tone of a piece of music can influence the way a song is interpreted. For some, a fast tone can make someone feel more positive and upbeat; however, a slower tone can make someone feel sadder. This is why there are different styles of music and how the tone and rhythm can influence the way people hear and listen to music. Music is truly a unique style and the way in which it’s created can absolutely influence the way people view music whether they enjoy it or otherwise.