The Importance of Music Education in Public Schools

For many years, music education was at the top of the list when it came to funding at public schools and that it really was given a lot of room for maneuver and interest. However, in recent years, funding and interest have faded somewhat and it has led many to question music education in the public school domain. It’s easy to see why so many are questioning the important of music in the educational world but there are reasons why it’s needed.

Gaining Interest for Music

A lot of people, including parents and even some teachers, all believe that music education in public schools is quite simply a waste of time. Some believe it is not helping the children and that it’s one very big expenditure that should be removed from the school board. However, music education in public schools is important and it helps to give children, from all backgrounds and ages, the ability to gain a serious interest in music. Some children love to listen to music while others want to learn to play instruments and get involved professionally in this industry also in later life. That’s why it’s important to have music education in public schools.

It’s Expensive to Pay for Private Music Lessons

In all honesty, if music education was taken out of public schools that would mean private lessons would have to be sought out for those interested in giving their children musical education. However, private lessons are expensive and it doesn’t matter if you have a single parent household or a two parent household, music lessons are expensive! Most families struggle to afford to send one, two or three children for music education and it’s a shame they have to miss out. Keeping music education in public schools can help ensure all children—even those from poorer families—have access to good education. It could be a saving grace for many youngsters.

Offers Children a Way to Learn Something They Can Enjoy

In all honesty, a lot of children don’t like to learn when they are at school and they often find it difficult as well. However, being able to offer a subject most children like or enjoy can allow them to open their minds a little more as to how they learn and what they learn. Music education in all public schools can be a very important message for any and all school boards to consider simply because of its value. Children don’t always enjoy P.E. and they don’t always enjoy English classes or Math but they can enjoy music education because it’s interesting and it’s a very vast field. It offers everyone something to learn.

Embracing Music

On one hand, it’s easy to see why many public schools are considering removing or scaling back on their music education but on the other, it’s easy to see why it’s such a bad idea. Music education can open a child’s mind and learn something they would normally not think or care about. Children of all ages can have a real passion for music and being able to undertake music education in public schools is vital, it’s sometimes the only option available for thousands of children.